Board Candidacy Announcement
My name is Kristen Jones and my husband, Don Jones and I reside at 52 Vineyard Drive. We purchased this wonderful home June 2017 and moved here June 2018.

I wanted to introduce myself as I am excited to run for a board member position this October. The community here is a fantastic place to live, play and work as Don plans for his retirement.

Although I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, I typically challenge myself to step out of the box and engage in activities that benefit others.

I am a retired Jazzercise Instructor of 15 years, having owned my own franchise and taught classes to over 220 students a month. I invest a huge amount of time staying healthy and helping others - hand in hand. Iíve helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals, gain self-confidence and value a healthy life style and believe I am a strong leader that motivates others.

I served on a non-profit board for Voices Against Violence for 3 years. At the time I was a single working mother of 2 and had little money to offer up, so I designed a way to fundraise in a small community that would be lucrative. I brought Dancing with the Community Stars to the stage, paired professional dancers and local pillars of the town together to dance, step out of their comfort zones, raise money and compete for an evening of fun on stage for all to watch. The show continues today, still being the top fundraising event for the nonprofit organization.

Over the years Iíve waitressed, driven school buses and managed a real estate office. These small jobs definitely taught me organization, tolerance of many individuals and working as a team. I now enjoy being a brand partner for Nerium, a fantastic all-natural botanical based line of skin care and wellness products. Another way to help people and live your best life.

Happiness, being grateful and staying active is a great way to describe myself. I believe that now is a good time for me to contribute to my new community and one of the ways to do that is to serve on the board.

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